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SI  VIS  PACEM  PARA  PACEM!   If you want peace, prepare for peace! 平和を望むなら平和に備えよ









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About Me

Klaus Schlichtmann

Peace Researcher, Historian

Dr. phil. Klaus Schlichtmann
(Asian history, Public and International Law, Political Science, from Kiel University, Germany)
2 sons and 1 daughter

Born 16 February 1944, in Hamburg, Germany;

1950-54, elementary school;
1954-62, high school (gymnasium); early interest in Asia and Buddhism;
1963-64, France and Italy, performances in art and music, readings in Eastern philosophies;
1964-66, India, teaching German language at the Sanskrit University in Benares; was a Buddhist monk for 6 months;
1966-69, Hamburg, Germany, performances in art and music, readings in Eastern philosophy, various jobs;
1969-76, India, research into culture and art;
1972, art exhibition (paintings) at Goethe Institute, Calcutta, Bengal;
1971-72, studying rural development in West Bengal; introduction to Pala art.
1973-75, field studies in Northern and South India, studies in history, art andand contemporary politics;
1976-82, Hamburg and Kiel, various activities, art and music performances, lectures and studies related to peace and environment;
1981-82, assistant teacher at a Waldorf-school in Kiel;
1980-92, Chairman of the German branch of the World Association of World Federalists (WAWF); participation in various conferences, in the US, France, the Netherlands and Britain, related to the United Nations and WAWF;
1985-90, master course in history at Kiel University (M.A. in Asian History, Political Science and International Law);
1991, employed with Kiel University Peace Studies Group;
1992, visited Japan for private research on the Japanese diplomat Kijuro Shidehara, January to April;
1992 (September) to 1993 (August) scholarship from the Japanese-German Center Berlin (JDZB), to research diplomat Kijuro Shidehara;
1992-97, visiting scholar at Sophia University's Faculty of Comparative Culture, Tokyo;
1993-2001, various teaching jobs at the Goethe Institute, the Faculty of Comparative Studies, Sophia University, Tokyo, the Japanese-German Society etc.;
1997, Ph.D. in Asian History from Kiel University;
1998, dissertation published on the Japanese diplomat Kijuro Shidehara (in German);
1994-2001, lectures at international conferences in Japan (Toho Gakkai, East Asia Society), The Hague/The Netherlands (Peace History Society 1999), Trier/Germany (German Japanologistsí Conference 1999), New Delhi/India (Gandhi Peace Foundation and Gandhian Institute of Studies 1999), and Oslo/Norway (19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, 2000), etc., various publications in German and English; 2001, January, lecture: Indianization, culture and Trade in South-East Asia (in German at the German East Asia Society)