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SI  VIS  PACEM  PARA  PACEM!   If you want peace, prepare for peace! 平和を望むなら平和に備えよ









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"Your idea is a great idea, worth launching on the ... 3rd millennium." (Robert Muller, Former Assistant U.N. Sec.-Gen. and Chancellor, University for Peace, Costa Rica - see letter)

(Das war allerdings vor dem Start von UNFOR 2007, betraf aber im wesentlichen die gleichen Ziele!)

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I like the ideas proposed by Dr. Klaus Schlichtmann to the Permanent Representative of Germany to the UN, namely to include in UN reform the proposal that nation-states would limit their national sovereignty in favor of "a United Nations security sovereignty". He cites as a first step in this direction the provision in the Japanese Constitution abolishing war as a sovereign right of the nation. The subject should be inscribed on the agenda of the UN upgrading as we enter a new century and millennium. (Idea 1315 ~ 15 February 1998 ~ http://www.robertmuller.org/volume/ideas1001.html)

Robert Muller (portrait)

Wherever in the world there is a major peace initiative, a peace conference, or a new initiative for international cooperation, the name of Robert Muller is often encountered. Born in Belgium in 1923, and raised in the Alsace-Lorraine region of France, Robert Muller experienced constant political and cultural turmoil during his youth. Often as a child he would look out his window at the border he could not cross, and long for the day when he, like the birds, would no longer have to observe that imaginary line.

Joining the UN in 1948, Robert Muller rose through the ranks to the position of Assistant-Secretary-General. He was one of the main architects of the UN institutional system in the economic and social fields. He was the main idea person and trusted collaborator of three Secretary-Generals, and has been called the philosopher and prophet of hope of the United Nations.

After 38 years of behind the scenes work at the United Nations, he emerged as one of the foremost peace-makers of our time. His inspiration and optimism have given hope to innumerable people around the world through his actions, idealism, and uplifting speaking and writings. He is a role model to his international colleagues, and he is the hero to innumerable young people because of his total devotion to the good of humankind. Robert Muller is an outstanding world servant whose deep love of all humanity and this planet merit serious consideration and recognition through every possible means.  

Now in active “retirement", he resides in Santa Barbara and Costa Rice where he is Chancellor Emeritus of the University for Peace. He can often be found at his own “bench of dreams” (where?), or up on the hills overlooking the University of Peace.

A devoted grandfather to eight grandchildren, he still is able to concentrate on his lifelong efforts promoting human understanding and global awareness through his books, correspondence and occasional speaking engagements. His world core curriculum is embraced by more and more schools around the globe, and earned him the 1989 UNESCO Education Peace Prize. In 1993 he received the Albert Schweitzer International Prize for the Humanities, and in 1994 he received the Eleanor Roosevelt Man of Vision Award. He is fully behind a UNO Reform 2007. (Robert added this last sentence in his handwriting.)