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Movement for UN Reform 2007

Centenary of the Second Hague Peace Conference

»To serve the Peace of the World «



Hidaka, 24 October 2006

  (United Nations Day)


The Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Taro Aso

Shiba Koen 2-11-1

Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8519



Re: The surest path to peace


Respected Sir:

The MOVEMENT FOR UN REFORM 2007 (UNFOR 2007) is dedicated to researching and propagating, on the basis of current international and constitutional law, practicable ways and means to reform the United Nations at an early date. Permit me to make a few observations, which are relevant in connection with the problem of North Korea and nuclear and general disarmament.

We* believe that the much-debated Article 9 of the Japanese Constitution (JC) is a public international-law (official) motion to abolish war.

The shortest path to peace would be if a powerful nation, for example my own country, Germany, would second the Japanese motion. Germany has pledged in its Constitution to submit to the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice and actively support the system of collective security of the United Nations by taking legislative action, at an appropriate time, to start a process of putting Collective Security into effect. If a country like Germany (though Germany is still very much attached to the Prussian Eagle**) would second the Japanese Article 9 in the UN General Assembly, this would start a general debate on the issue of the abolition of the institution of war – perhaps/preferably along the lines of the 1961 McCloy-Zorin Accords. (The Japanese text of the 1961 McCloy-Zorin Accords is included in a book by Yukawa Hideki, Tomonaga Shinichiro, und Sakata Shouichi, Heiwa-jidai wo Sōzō suru tameni -- Kagakusha wa uttaeru, Tōkyō: Iwanami-shoten, 1963, pp. 206-209.)

We also think that a shortcut to nuclear and general and complete disarmament could be reached in cooperation with India. (Please see my 3 publications on the issue, enclosed!)

The integrity and far-sightedness of your ministry, which was well demonstrated when your predecessor in the interwar period, Shidehara Kijuro, held the post, lets me believe that the Japanese Government will consider the options with cool determination.

Most sincerely yours,



Cc: To whom it may concern

*  See list of supporters of UNFOR 2007, enclosed!

** For example the Austrian 2-Euro coin has a portrait of the pacifist Bertha von Suttner, while the German coins still show the Eagle.