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Movement for UN Reform 2007

Centenary of the Second Hague Peace Conference

»To serve the Peace of the World «

Dear Madam, Sir,Antwort aus Paris (Hier klicken)
UNFOR 2007, the MOVEMENT FOR THE REFORM OF THE UNITED NATIONS 2007, was founded last year to promote understanding and public awareness for the issues relevant to UN reform and an effective United Nations. The year 2007 marks the centenary of the Second Hague Peace Conference, which aimed at universal disarmament and binding international jurisdiction (going to court instead of going to war).
Presently UNFOR 2007 is supported by 24 academics and peace activists, including two academic directors of peace institutes in Germany and Austria. The campaign represents global concerns, based on individual and group initiative, unaided by corporate, government or denominational sponsorship. The initiator and coordinator of the project is a peace historian, and historian of international and constitutional law, diplomacy and Asian history. His dissertation on Shidehara Kijūrō (Kiel University, 1997), which deals extensively with international relations, peace diplomacy in the 20th century, and constitutional law, was published in German by the German-Japanese Jurists Association (Hamburg 1998), and is presently being translated into English. (CLICK here for a brief summary and introduction in English!) UNFOR 2007 has recently approached the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan, and written to him on behalf of Article 9, which we believe, is part of the heritage of mankind, having come out of the atomic bombings in 1945. ...  
One of our primary concerns at this time is the Japanese Constitution's Article 9, which is aiming at abolishing the institution of war. Research shows that the Japanese Constitution (JC) is not foreign but almost entirely based on local, indigenous sources, though written by the Americans (see the recent book review...).  Article 9 must be seen as a cornerstone of a UN System of Collective Security to become effective in the near future. However, Article 9 is in danger of being revised.
Our proposal
UNFOR 2007 is proposing in the "International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World" to have Article 9 declared a 'MONUMENT OF A CULTURE OF PEACE', with a clear view toward abolishing war and instituting an effective system of collective security. It should be noted that Article 9 is to be seen in the general context of the constitutional law of peace (droit constitutionnel de la paix) and together with the relevant UN provisions is a key toward achieving collective security. (See
list of constitutional clauses and publication on Article 9...!)
We would also like to ask you, if possible, to put our organization on your list of international organizations.

For a brief outline of our objectives click here (English/French/German/Japanese)!
Yours sincerely,

Dr. phil. Klaus Schlichtmann, coordinator